the girl who could fly®

About Us

At Melody S. Stephens company, we believe in providing the information, entertainment, and structure needed to create a better society for youth today. the girl who could fly® is a novel filled with purpose. The author, Melody Stephens, had constant dreams that she could fly and with a passion for writing, she put her dreams on paper and created characters who would appeal to the youth of today. This sparked the idea of creating an ambassador for those who are left in the dark; she named this ambassador Zoe. Zoe means life, and her purpose in life is to bring light to those like her with non-typical parts as well as bring attention to those who do not know that 1 in 2,000 children are born with non-typical parts. This is not just a series of books, but a movement to bring awareness and comfort to those similar to Zoe.


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