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Dear Ms. Stephens

My granddaughters and I loved reading the girl who could fly series 1. This book is well put together and I love the character names, Zoe Christian and Faith Acts. I also love the fact that Zoe can fly. It reminds me of the dreams I once had - I too dreamed I could fly. I soared the skys, the neighborhoods, the world if I wanted. I feel like Zoe is invincible and the girls want Zoe dolls. We can hardly wait to read series 2. The book is a good read.

Mrs. Lisa Levi

Los Angeles


Dear Melody,

I read your first book "Jessica" and really enjoyed it and could not wait to read "the girl who could fly series 1." I loved that the main character is born intersex or with non-typical sexual anatomy and that she has special powers and comes from a two family home. "WHAT A GREAT IDEA!" This is a great book. Thank you for writing it. Once series 2 comes out I will continue reading her adventures.

Brandi Latrice

Las Vegas

Dear Melody

I love your vision and intentions for your readers.  Each is meant to affect a different interest group. A “SHAKE UP” is what our communities need, our own stories experienced and told by our own people from our own community – you tend to get a connection when that fact is known – which is another reason why I’m happy you placed a face with a name.  In addition, however, this story is not limited just to our community, there’s just a high percentage of it happening there. It’s touching every race, socio economic background and location around the globe – this is a global message. It may help someone in Uganda, or Israel or Bel Aire, a huge portion of the world population – just told from this perspective. Minister away girl, you are doing a great job of it. 

T. Johnson

Culver City, CA


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